COVID-19 and the Race in Startup Technology by Alex Tran, Darren Yang, Desiree Wagner, Linly Ku of Plug and Play Tech Center


Speed is critical. As coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly spreads in the United States, officials face the daunting task of tracing case contacts and containing the pathogen. With quarantines increasing throughout the world, healthcare providers and governments must utilize solutions beyond their walls to monitor the coronavirus more than ever. Luckily, startups and researchers across the globe are already pivoting their technologies to help fight the spread of this deadly virus.


Existing modern solutions in diagnostics, monitoring, and molecular development are being used as powerful tools to help fight the current pandemic. These technologies can help identify outbreak hotspots, prevent infections, reduce the need for physical contact in diagnostics, and even work towards developing a vaccine for COVID-19.


At Plug and Play, we have been monitoring new innovative startup solutions for several years. In this critical time, we are diving into the capabilities of these startups to help overcome this pandemic. We’ve pulled together some of the most interesting startups in our health ecosystem.


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