Murray Primary Health Network shares the experiences and perspectives of a GP, a nurse and two patients participating in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program

"RPM uses app based technology to help patients monitor and manage their health, with results sent directly to their healthcare team. If readings are outside the expected range, notifications are sent to both patients and health professionals so actions can be taken where necessary. Outcomes include improved health literacy and fewer avoidable hospital admissions."

Disclaimer: Copyright of Murray PHN, "Remote Patient Monitoring",, 2 December 2021

According to Murray Primary Health Network (Murray PHN) in their video release, the programme achieved highest adherence from patients age 80 and above and one of the hospitals was able to reduce hospital admission by 50%.

"The most surprising thing we find from the program has actually been the population group, and that's the 80+ years old who have really taken to using the devices. The 2nd highest group are 60 - 79 years old. It is really flipping the belief that older people can embrace technology."


"If you have any of your oxygen starts to drop low and your heart rate is high, it will message your doctor to let them know there's something wrong."

"I would recommend it to anyone to do this study. I think it is fantastic, really really good!"


"We can monitor their details in daily basis and we can see whether they are falling into the right parameters, whether they are falling between the red flags and identifying them especially when they are moving to the extremes and intervene early by either contacting the patients or tell the nurse to call the patient to make an appointment to see how they go"


"Yes it's been easy to get into it. Once I knew where to go, I knew where to go to get into it. If I encounter an issue, I'm able to rectify it and reconnect back. Yes, it's quite easy."


"I found teaching people how to use the app quite simple actually. The app is quite synergistic the way it works. It's very straight forward, very clear. We've even picked up on some changes in patients' health which we didn't expect which were evident before they had a deterioration."

"We collected some data around hospital admissions and presentations in the last 6 months and we've found that clients who have been on the program for 6 months, their hospital presentations and admission have halved, which is just even better than what I've hoped for."


Murray PHN is part of the national network of 31 Primary Health Networks funded predominantly by the Australian Government. Murray PHN covers an area of 100,000 sq km and 370,000 chronic patient population. HealthBeats® solution was deployed as part of Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Programme Murray PHN put in place to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, emergency department presentations and improve overall quality of life for patients.


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