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Why work with HealthBeats®?

In HealthBeats®, we believe affordable healthcare is for everyone, no matter where they are and at any time it is needed. We deliver this through using the latest technologies and methodologies with award-winning IoT medical devices to monitor individual health remotely. Our users are constantly connected to their providers or monitoring teams through cloud-based software platform via digital health web and mobile application technologies.

If you share our vision to be part of the team in creating a revolutionary product, jump on board and start working with highly talented and like-minded HealthBeats® family members in making real difference now!

Our Culture

We believe very strongly in creating a great product to serve our users. We love people who can create simplicity admist complexities. We strive towards a lean but very close team so everyone stay focused towards achieving our dreams. Nobody will be turned away because they are of a certain sex, race, religion or language because when it comes to healthcare, everyone is truly equal.

We always love to speak to talents who believe they can create a difference!

Drop us at note at recruitment@healthbeats.co and tell us briefly about how you can change the world to start the conversation!