HealthBeats Service Providers

Dated: 1 April 2020


To support HealthBeats in delivering its Services, we engage third-party service providers to assist us with our data processing activities. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor, the third-party service provider is a sub-processor of HealthBeats (“ Sub-Processor”).

Below is a list of our appointed Sub-Processors, the services they provide as well as their locations.


Services Provided

Location of Sub-Processors

Amazon Web Services

Cloud service provider

Asia – Singapore, unless data localisation is legally required

Australia and New Zealand – Australia

North and South America – United States of America, unless data localisation is legally required


Email, file storage

Singapore; United States of America

Oracle – Netsuite

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM)



Chat technology and infrastructure provider

United States of America


Payment processor

United States of America

Our business requirements may change from time to time. This means we may, for example, add or replace a Sub-Processor if we believe that doing so will improve the delivery of our Services. We will update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of appointed Sub-Processor, as and when such changes happen.